About Our Journey~

We have been on a journey we never dreamed we would be asked to make. We will be on this different path throughout our lives. We have learned so much and we have many thoughts that come to us all of the time. We decided we wanted a place where we could write these thoughts and ideas down.

We have written them in notebooks, on the computer, on our phones, but not in one concise place. This will be where we will write our personal feelings down.

If you choose to read our feelings, please remember, these are just our feelings. We are not trying to coerce anyone into believing what we do. The only way we came to our “new beliefs” is through the Lord’s gentle, and guiding hand.

Our journey is one of learning to love. We thought we knew the meaning of “loving everyone” but we were plainly shown, we did not. We did not understand the meaning, and we were prejudice against one group in our society, The LGBT+ community. We did not understand that we had been led to believe things that were tainted by the culture and traditions of men. Now, we do.

We are active, believing members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We love the Gospel and believe that it is true. We have been given the opportunity to learn and to really think about our beliefs. We have found that we may be too quick to judge, which our Savior condemned, and not showing true care and love to some of the most marginalized and hurt people in our society, which our Savior admonished.

We are trying to better follow His example by helping others who want to learn and have a better understanding for those that are LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, the + is because there are even more in this spectrum).

We are “sheep” but we are not blind. We have chosen to learn and grow and find out why we believe what we do instead of letting others tell us what we should and should not believe.


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